Sniper Marketing offer the latest mobile truck staging and LED systems. Our stages are perfect for outdoor applications ranging from small events to large scale concerts. Mobile LED outdoor billboards are mounted on our trucks and  trailers, making it mobile and suitable for any of your outdoor events or campaigns. The stages are normally rented with our professional crew to operate them  and handle all the technical aspects while you focus on your event venue, performers and exterior branding.

The entire setup is completely off the grid as our truck is equipped with four 7kw petrol generators to power up the state-of-the-art sound system and electronics without having to worry about load shedding or power cuts. This provides the truck with extreme mobility and a capability to provide a service anywhere in the country including the most remote of areas.


Why Our Mobile LED Stage Solutions?

Fast to Setup

Sniper Marketing mobile LED stageS only takes less than 1 Hour to finish set up.

Save Money

One to two man can easily deploy the stage. In other words, using mobile stage save you time, labor and money,

Mobile Stage Types:

- LED screen - main screen size = 5120mm×2240mm. The stage's external dimension is 13000mmx2550mx3900mm. Uses Extreme Super Silent Generator Set. Download Catalog for more info.